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Personal Injury

New Yorkers know that on any given day we encounter a variety of circumstances that have the potential to harm us – driving, walking, crossing streets, shopping. We rely on a combination of common sense and paying attention to our surroundings to keep us safe. Regardless of our best efforts – accidents happen. David Jeffries has sued individuals, commercial establishments, nationally known companies and the city of New York to get what his clients deserve. He will work tirelessly to maximize your recovery in order to allow you to rebuild your life.

Criminal Defense

If you have been or expect to be arrested you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. The moment you enter the criminal justice system your words and actions can be used against you. Whether charged with a felony or misdemeanor you need an attorney that can successfully navigate legal pitfalls, anticipate the next move and forcefully advocate on your behalf. ANY CONVICTION can have life altering consequences. When your liberty is at risk you need to make your first shot your best shot- you owe it to yourself to call David Jeffries.